Monday, August 13, 2012

YNI graduates!

On Friday, August 10 the KFAI celebrated the YNI students at a graduation ceremony, where everyone listened to their radio pieces! Congratulations everyone! Sadly Ayinde couldn't be there because he was on a camping trip.

To here the FINAL PIECES produced by each YNI student, click here!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

David McCoy, Week 8: Finally Finale

This week concludes the KFAI Youth News Initiative. My piece, which required me to stay after the past two days is complete, and i feel comfortable with it. I don't know useful this experience will be to my Engineering Major, but it was a fun experience all the same.

Nansi: Week 8

This week was horrible. I didn't even get to finish my piece. Now I have to stay after 12 and finish... not that I hate it here, but my mom has to change her schedule now. I think she is mad at me now. I hope my piece is worth it because I don't think it would take so long. I still have to make my summary too... I have a lot to do and I hope I get it done in the extended time I stay here. But all in all I had fun with Karen because she is epic. Goodbye KFAI.... forever. Karen I will see you when school starts! :) You better sit next to me at lunch. *forever alone* Anyways I was kidding I had lots of fun and will forever remember this experience!..

Ahmad: WeeK 8

This week Is was last and it seemed to also be the busiest around the station. with everyone running around trying to finish up their story's as well as make sure they all sounded good. I finished mine just in time around 11:30 and i am pleased with my story i think it was  was going for a not to stern look at the legal drinking age. I am glad to have finish my story on time and the way i wanted it.

Karen - Week 8 (Last)

This week I finished my radio piece. I kept editing and editing it and now I have 4 versions of my piece. I'm very thankful to Dale, Emily, and my mentor Nekassa for helping me. Oh, and also the technician... sorry I don't know his name, but he helped a lot too. I went around distracting people because sometimes I needed a break from listening to my piece over and over. In the end I'm happy with the results! :)

Satta- Summary

My radio piece is about music, specifically rap and country music, and the stereotypes placed on both. It is very interesting and I got to interview numerous people, each with different takes on the subject. I hope everyone enjoys the piece as much as I had developing it!

Satta- Last Day

Well, today is the last day at the KFAI Youth News Initiative internship. I am working on editing my piece. Overall, I enjoyed the program. The most valuable experience that I will take with me is the editing process, and learning how to do it on Protools!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ayinde: Week 8

This week I've been re-writing my script and touching up the audio from my interviews. Hopefully I can finish fast enough and still have it sound decent. Tommorrow I will most likley record my narration for my piece.

P.S. Re-writing is hard!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Satta-Week 7

This is the second to last week of the KFAI Youth News Initiative Program. This week I spent alot of time editing my radio piece. I feel this is the week of truth, because it is the week where everything should be coming to play. For me, editing is getting easier the more I use the Protools editing system! I say this, because last week I was a bit frustrated with the editing system. I guess it's true when people say, "everything gets better with practice!"

Nansi: Week 7

I think this week has been very busy for me. I have been doing a lot of editing and have gotten interviews done so far. I am pretty close to finishing since I need to put things together, but I know there are still many things to do. At least I have picked the parts of the interviews that I want to play. I couldn't see my mentor today, so I will see her next week. In the meantime I'll just email her and maybe call her. Hopefully she has gotten someone for an interview, but she's busy so I would understand if she hasn't. I'm glad that Vicki Thorn, founder of NOPARH has some connections and has referred me to John Morales. A man who has gone through the experience, which might just make my story stronger. Overall, this week has been okay, but I feel pressured since time is running out...

Ahmad: Week 7

This week I spent alot of time editing my piece on Photoshop and also going back to get good interviews about my topic. I'm starting to see my piece come together with the help of my mentor, Dale and Emily. I am excited o see the finished project and how it will turn out. I tried to a somewhat boring topic and get youths perspective on the issue as to make the story more interesting. I hope to start getting my story done very soon.

Karen - Week 7

This week we continue to edit our piece. I started recording my voice. I prepared myself for that by practicing with my mentor. She gave me lots of pointers. Emily also helped me. Thanks to you both. However, before I recorded my voice we were having problems. Eventually that was fixed, but during the process of fixing it we saw a bug. Dale killed it with his shoe. :)