Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ahmad: Week 2

This week in KFAI's Youth News Initiative we talked a lot about ethics and what they mean both in journalism and in everyday life. We learned that there is a unwritten code of ethics that journalist have to abide by day in and day out when the present the news. We did street interviews to gain some interviewing skills and to get know people thought ethics meant to them. We had a lot of people willing to stop and answer a few questions and one or two declines.I found out that most peoples outlook on what ethics were didn't really very to much. I also have came to conclusion that for me, ethics is a grouping of morals and boils down to having integrity.

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  1. Ahmad, "Integrity" is a good word for it. Nice job boiling it down. The code of ethics we reviewed IS written, and we should be upfront about how we intend to behave and the standards we expect to keep.