Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Satta: Media

Everyday is a new experience for me, I am always learning. Today I learned how the media slickly misrepresents or even under-represents certain groups of people or ideas. Misrepresentation is portraying a group or idea in a false manner that may not be true to all . A common group of people that are misrepresented are Muslim people, whom are often affiliated with the attacks of September 11th. Under-representation is not representing a group or idea to the full compasity or to the exact manner. This could be done by a picture. I learned through KFAI, that people such as the late Trevyn Martin and lively Andrew Zimmerman, have pictures that under-represent them. Furthermore, the pictures that are posted of them in the news are not the best possible. I learned all this today, through the KFAI Youth Initiative Program!


  1. Satta- How could underrepresentation be done through a picture?

    What exactly is underrepresented? Who's view points and which communities are underrepresented in news stories or as authors and producers of media? Do we, the general public, including those underrepresented communities, have the power to change this?

  2. Hello Emily, people could be under-represented in pictures. To explain, the media often uses this method to portray a certain indivisual in the manner that they please to be effective. Furthermore, the picture often corresponds to how the public currently views the indivisual, or how the media wants the public to view the indivisual. The media more than often, uses raw-unattractive images or vice versa to slyly convey a message about that person. Under-representation is having assumptions about a certain indivual, idea, or group of people that is not true or true to the full compasity. Communities or people that are often under-represented are Jewish people, African Americans, Native Americans and other minorities that have stereo-typical names attached to them.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Satta.

    It sounds like you're saying "the media" want to portray certain groups in a specific way in a deliberate effort to mislead the public. I'm not too sure about that. I think journalists generally want to do the right thing, but ignorance and laziness may play the most important role when reporters fail to get the whole story.
    Am I being too generous?

  4. No, I feel that this "America" here tends to mislead the public into a common underrepresentation of the Muslim, and African American communities!