Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ahmad: What Is Media?

Media is the way we now as society communicate and share ideas, story and information as a whole. Media includes photo, video, audio, text and even talking to one another. Any and all of these tools can be used to report a story or share an event or even just tell your buddy how your day went. When thinking about media you usually think of the 5 o'clock news and the or the paper on your front door in the morning but media is so much more then that and I think its important we know that. Something as basic as sending a text to a friend is media and can be a way of delivering the news of the day. Understanding media is important because of the fact that we spend a large amount of our day being surrounded by it.


  1. Ahmad -- what do you mean that media "is so much more"? How do we understand media -- what's the process? Can we, the general public, have a say in what goes on in the media. If yes, how?

  2. By "much more" I mean that the way people view media is that its just news or radio While in fact something as simple as getting a phone call can bring the biggest news of the day. We understand media by know who is providing you with the media and what are the real motives for that organization or person. Also we the general public have say in what goes on in media, because in the end news is a product, so If your not buying then there not thriving.So get your news from sources you know and trust and sources that help further progress of the world and not the ones that constantly bring you the negative.