Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Satta- Ethics

Today was actually one of my favorite days so far, of the KFAI Youth News Initiative Program. It's one of my favorite days, because we got to interview students at the U of M (University of Minnesota) and got their take on what ethics is. Ethics certainly has an exact definition, but it was interesting hearing other people's viewpoints and ideas of the word. Ethics is the principles,ideas, laws, and much more that govern what is right or wrong in a community. For the most part the students had the same general answer, but there was one answer that stuck out the most. This is not word for word but a U of M student said, religion could effect people's takes on what is ethical or unethical. I found that very intriguing and certaintly true. I say that because ethics, in some circumstances , differ on the region one may live in.


  1. Satta, are there also areas where religions agree on what type of behavior is ethical? I think if you look you'll find lots of similarities.

  2. That is so true, but there are instances where religions do differ on ethics.