Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Karen - What Is Media?

Media is a way people connect with one another. Sending information or a theme about anything in many different forms. Those forms are like music, television, writings, or a work of art.
Today we listened to more journalism pieces. We discussed on how on the news we talk about things that seems "interesting" because of the successes. We also talked about how some news are "not comfirmed" or "misleading" because of what the text tells us and how we personally see those text which is the subtext. We should question, "What's missing?"
What I thought about the pieces was that it was very interesting. I learned that stories can be told in many different ways even though it's the same story. I really liked the piece about the girl and her brother in prison even though I didn't really understand it till we discussed it. I liked how she overlapped her voice with the voice of the guy who is protrayed as her brother.

We also practiced talking into mics and learned how to use a recording device. It was interesting and confusing. Interesting because it was fun, but confusing because there were so many buttons on the recording device.


  1. Karen- Why is it important that "stories can be told in many different ways"? Do you think the media is good at telling stories in many different ways or not? Why?

    Is the text and/or subtext of a media message or story always misleading? How do we, the general public, play into the interpretation and consumption of media?

  2. It's important to know that stories can be told in many different ways because that way you know that the story is true, but it might also not be. The media is good at telling stories in many different ways because you can hear the same case in different views (but not all because there's still under representation)

    (I'll finish later)

  3. Text and subtext aren't always misleading. We the public use our brains to try to understand what the media is trying to tell us.