Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nansi: What I learned about media

Today I learned more about the media that I did not know before. I learned about texts and subtexts. What I understood was that a text is the actual text of an advertisement, or other things. It means what it is..the literal meaning? Anyway, a subtext is basically an implication of what the text is trying to tell its audience. I liked learning about this, but now I can't help feeling that the world is full of lies and bias.I feel like I wasn't supposed to know this awful secret. People are...vicious, and I get the impression that it's all about money and not the joy of doing it like they say. Stories can be told in different ways to make it sound interesting or boring. Just when I thought the news was always truthful, I learned the fact that I might have been lied to. Some of the alleged actions taken were probably fake. It's kind of like they don't take the audience seriously because of all this nonsense they're making us believe. They exaggerate to scare people. I feel people deserve truthful, yet accurate news. They do not deserve a true story with "small" twists to it. They also don't deserve the "effects" of a certain product to simply be edited to make it look nice. They would basically be giving away their money to a brand product that can easily be equated to a generic brand. I feel betrayed..silly feeling, I know, but people must know. Many people do, but they should not ignore it.

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  1. Nansi-
    Is the subtext always determined by the creator of a news or media piece? How does the viewer come into the picture?

    Is media always about getting money? Why or why not? Does the general public have a say in how the media is created and interpreted? Why or why not?