Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ayinde- What I Learned About Media

Today the KFAI New Initiative and I watched reports on suspected terrorists and the high school tracking system. Through these examples I learned how the media gets viewers by making them fearful certain situations or people. I also learned about how advertising and marketing strategists attract viewers or buyers by purposely telling only half the story and feeding you a biassed story.


  1. Ayinde- How do stories, like the news piece on the suspected story make people fearful? What's the goal of this? Is this present in the text and/or subtext of the news story?

    What's an example of an advertiser only telling half the story? Does news media do this, too? Are viewers always mislead? What kind of power do they have?

  2. Reports can create fear when the idea of emergency is placed in peoples' heads by the "Breaking News" headline or the urgency in the voices of reporters. They do this to attract viewers.