Tuesday, June 19, 2012

David: But What Is Media?

Today at Kfai's Youth News Initiative, I can walk out Studio Five and say,
"Media is the transmission of knowledge, information, and ideas through a medium that appeals to the senses of an audience."
Media is a strong, driving force the world over, and it has become this because of the explicit, what is said and written as the text, and the implicit, what you, the audience take away or feel is written into the text. This text-subtext relationship can be used to not only sell a story to an audience, but have it speak to them on a higher, emotional level.
Through listening, viewing and interviewing, the YNI crew, myself included, picked apart news and advertisements, and personal pieces trying to decode their real meaning; trying to find out what was being said and was really being said.


  1. David- Can you explain a little more about the text-subtext relationship? How are the viewers involved in this relationship? What power, if any, do viewers have in interpreting and consuming media?

  2. Viewers have the power to, by showing interest, create similar media. If a car-towing show becomes popular through many viewers, more similar shows may spring up on other tv stations. Subtext is more an interpretation of what is presented from the viewer/audience standpoint than text, which is from the producer-creater's standpoint.