Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lani~What I Learned About Media

 Media can be portrayed as different aspects of art or news. It can be used in the form of pictures that tell a story about a location or event in which something normal, or spontaneous happened. It can also be used in video clips to show exact moments or places things happened in, or can demonstrate multiple pictures with words and/or music.
 Today during group session, I learned that media can be used in informative, helpful OR harmful ways depending on the goal or audience it aims for. Media in magazines can show a beautiful girl advertising a certain product that's supposed to make you feel like you need it to be beautiful, instead of being beautiful just the way you are, and that can cause hurt to a lot of females that feel they need all that make-up or product just to fit in with society.
 Media on radio or the television can inform any listeners or watchers on what's going on around the world and who's doing what or what's going where, and can range from politics to celebrities' babies being born. Media can get through much information and can be extremely helpful if you go to find what you're looking for, or can send messages on how to act or look like when in public.

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  1. Lani-
    how can do the general public's voices come into play with the media? Do they have a say or power in the shaping of media? Are the messages presented by the media always the final say?