Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ahmad: Week 5

This week we took a very intresting tour of the capital building and the press room and got to meet Pioneer Press writer He told us about how competitive the news company have become in getting the story out first and being the first to break news whether it be through their website or  Twitter. I also finaly got to interview legislature Phyllis Kahn and talk to her a little about here push to lower the drinking age in Minnesota. She had some very interesting answers that I didn't expect from what little research I had done of her.I was happy to finally get that side of the argument represented though.


  1. Ahmad-
    What was her side of the argument? Do you think both sides that you've interviewed have covered anything? Is there anything not being said or are their voices left out of the argument? How will your piece address this?

  2. She was for lowering the drinking age and i think what ever they wanted to be said was said but nothing really i wasn't expecting in my piece i plan to put in teen voices to be able to get there perspective.