Tuesday, July 3, 2012

David McCoy, Week 3: Paint Misbehaving

This week at KFAI's Youth News Initiative, we went wrapped up our PSA's and prepped for the Phillips Mural Project interviews that happened earlier today.
The Phillips community, with the help of the Wade Foundation will be painting a mural displaying the collaborative efforts of several artistic youth with an unveiling in August.
Tag-teaming the interviews with two of the members of the project helped to make our first 'professional' interviews excellent practice for our final project, which we've been working to develop.
While my own project is still finding its' focus, research and and project development is being done.


  1. David-
    Great title. What did you learn about interviewing people from last week? How will you use this knowledge to help you with your interviews for your final piece?

  2. I learned to try to pull out stories and keep their monologue going with decent leading questions. This will be essential towards my final project.


  3. Yes- going for the story is key. ....and eye contact! Thanks David.