Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Karen - Week 3

This week I learned how to do a set up interview. We interviewed people from the Philips Neighborhood Mural Project in pairs. I learned that it's good to keep eye contact and when interviewing two people you should say their names to justify who you are talking to. In addition, an interviewer should not be surprise if the interviewee doesn't know their, the interviewer's, name.

I also learned that when you want to interview someone for something (like a final project), it's good to ask the person wanted for the interview ahead of time. The reason is because if they refuse and you only have a week left then you end up in a tight spot. Furthermore, it's good to have an idea for what you want your radio piece to be. For example, what message are you trying to send, who is it going to affect, what are you specifically trying to explain, and many more things.


  1. Karen- What did you learn about the Phillips neighborhood that you didn't already know?

  2. I learned that the neighborhood was split up to multiple little neighborhoods and that they do a lot of get togethers with one another.