Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Satta-week three

The third week is the week where the previews ended and the movie began. I say that because we are starting to create ideas for our final pieces. The first two weeks were more informational and we just listened mostly. Now we get a taste for how our final radio pieces should be and sound like. Today we interveiwed youth who are painting a mural in the Phillips neighborhood in South Minneapolis. I felt that was a great experience because we got a taste on how an actual interview is. The only unusual thing about it was that we had to interview with a partner and that made it more difficult, but practice makes perfect!


  1. Satta- How was interviewing with a partner different? What did you learn from this experience? What did you learn overall from interviewing the youth last week that you'll use in the interviews for your final piece?

  2. Interviewing with a partner is different because you had to share the microphone. That is difficult because it may interrupt the piece with unwanted noise, and one partner may speak more than the other. I learned from this experience that when you do an interview with a partner, the two should decide before the interview who says or does what. Doing it this way will decrease unwanted interruption. I am going to use this experience for my final piece to remind myself to decrease interruptions, by drafting questions before the interview so you know where the conversation is going.

  3. You are most definelty welcome Emily!