Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nansi: Week 5

This week we went to the state capitol for our field trip. I never knew that the pioneer press and other news people would be kept in the basement. It is true that newspapers are dying slowly, but I think they could be kept alive through the internet? Anyway, I did agree with what was said about journalism: it can be applied to anything, or almost anything. I also agree with that quote that was on the door in one of the rooms we went. It said something like "If you don't want something to be recorded, it shouldn't have happened." I do not remember the exact quote, but it was kind of like that, and I do not remember who it was by. I agree, but I disagree because Everything that happens is not always easily prevented. To make someone fully responsible is not good...? I think it was fun to go to the capitol, even though I drive by it and the Cathedral on most days. I haven't been there in a while, and have forgotten how cool and beautiful the place was.

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  1. Nansi-
    So is it always fair for a journalist to report on something that happened? Or are there limits? If so, give an example.