Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 5: Ayinde

This week we learned how to edit using pro tools and we went on a field trip to the capitol, where we toured the Pioneer Press's and other news teams workplaces. We were given a tour by one of Pioneer Press's editors, Bill Salisbury, we also learned about how their news rooms functioned and how they did their jobs.


  1. Ayinde-
    How is being a journalist who reports for KFAI different than being a journalist who works at one of the press rooms at the Capitol? Would you report on the same thing? Would your audience be the same or different? Why?

  2. Working at a radio station is different from a press room because the writing you do in a radio station is made for the ear, so it is more accesible. Since a news paper has visuals the writer can write differently. I think both radio stations and press rooms could write to the same audiences but they would have different forms of writing or journalism, so depending on what a person prefers in writing would decide what audience they would be a part of.