Monday, July 2, 2012

Karen- Week 2

This (last) week we talked about voice with Sha Cage and the fact that the way we tone our voices can interpret certain emotions or ideas. We also talked about the Code of Ethics for journalists. We learned that we shouldn't do anything that can put us into a position of bribery. In addition to that we learned we should do things differently based on the circumstances. An example is when you are interviewing a child you should use a different voice from what you use to an adult.
We also went outside to interview random people about what they thought ethics was. The person I interviewed said that ethics was doing the right thing.


  1. Karen, the most important thing to remember about interviewing children is that we have an obligation to protect their privacy and safety as minors. We shouldn't use their voices (on radio) or images (on the website) without permission from a parent or guardian, or the school they attend if the interview happens in a school setting.

  2. I understand, sir. So we must always ask permission if we were to use a minor's voice or else they can sue us???