Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nansi: Week 6

This week we had another field trip, but this time it was at the MPR radio station. I liked visiting the place because everything seemed so new. I also didn't know it was in St. Paul... St. Paul must be really cool if the State Capitol, and MPR station is in it. The cubicals made it seem like a classic office type room that made the place look like it is important (I'm not saying that it's not). I think 89.3 was the room (or station. I'm not sure) we visited. We were shown how the playlists and other were used and how twitter and Facebook are where fans request songs and are updated. Later, we saw an old fashioned editing device where a tape was cut? If it was a wrong cut, they needed to fix it with tape. I'm glad that we went to MPR since Toni was so nice. She gave us CD's and "party favors" :)
I'm also glad that I finally interviewed someone. She's only a friend, but she knows people who can give me a professional type of view on the subject. For now, i might just take the recorder home and try to contact Family tree clinic.

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