Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Satta-State Capitol

On Monday we took a trip to the state capitol, which is located in Saint Paul. It may seem irrelevant to go to the state capitol, well atleast for those who don't know how it relates to journalism. Have you ever wondered where most of the media has their offices in Minnesota? The answer to that is the state capitol. Important newspapers such as the Star Tribune, and MPR, and many more have their offices in the basement of the state capitol! We got to see all that first hand. I feel it is a great place for the media to be stationed where the political action takes place. To explain, the governer of our state has his office in the state capitol, political debates occur, politicians make laws, and people protest for new laws at the state capitol. Our tourist showed us the rooms where our politicians make new laws and debate. He also told us that the media is allowed to be there, and showed us exactly where they are permitted to be at political debates. This was a great learning experience and furthered my motivation into becoming a journalist!


  1. Satta-
    Do you think the politicians like the media being so close to them? Is this proximity always a good thing? Do you think it's okay for journalists at the capitol to have personal relationships with the politicians?

  2. Yes and no, about the first question. Politicians do like journalists being close to them untill the politician does something negative, worth public attention. Politicians may enjoy being in close range of journalists, because that makes it easier for them to get information out to the media that they want public. I think it is definetly a plus for journalists to have close relationships to the politicians at the capitol. It is an advantage for the journalist, because they are then able to use what the politician says in their media coverage. It may be bad for the politician though.