Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ahmad, Week:3

This week we really started to dive into our finally project. We began by brainstorming some ideas for our stories. after we a good idea of what we wanted we hop on the internet to do a little research in our indivual topics as well as doing research on people we may be able to contact in hopes of maybe setting up a interview. I haven't really narrowed down my topic but the debate around drinking age has sparked my interest and that may be a possible route i choose to take. It has been difficult tho finding people in my local community whith knowledge on the subject that I can contact. I hope to have better luck moving forward.


  1. Ahmad- Who from your local community would you want to include in your piece? Do you mean school, neighborhood, city by local? Why would it be important to include someone from your local community in your piece?

  2. I would like to get the perspective of the youth community and that it is important that people who would be effected most by this get a voice. It is important because it is important give a voice to those who would be most effected by issue and in my story its today's youth so they should get to speak there minds on the issue.