Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nansi: Week 4

This week we started scheduling interviews for our final projects. I've sent many emails, but have not gotten many replies. One woman, the founder of the organization  The National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation & Healing, Inc. wants to be interviewed by me, but  we can't find a time that would be best yet since she is really busy. I also want to get a male perspective who has dealt with abortion or has experienced it, but I'm still looking. I think even a male opinion in general would be enough. As for a female perspective, it's hard to find a woman or someone to interview who has experienced the impact of abortion. It's hard because My friends and family are either religious and haven't dealt with it, or they just haven't gone through it. For this reason I think I might just find someone online? I don't know about that yet. I think I might just interview my health teacher to get a medical perspective besides Vicki's religious views. I was also thinking I might interview someone with legal experience. I hope to remember to make it clear that my topic is not just abortion, but it is "Should men be allowed in the decision-making of aborting their unborn child." I'll probably re-phrase that, but you know what I mean....

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